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SEPTEMBER 2019       TAP TIMES          -8-

                  New Silk Road (from 7)

        on Foreign Relations says the project rep-
        resents “an unsettling extension of China’s
        rising power, and as the costs of many of
        the proposed projects have skyrocketed,
        opposition has grown in some participant

        Trojan Horse
        Chatzky says the U.S. shares the concern
        of some Asians  that the BRI “could be a
        trojan horse for China-led regional devel-
        opment, military expansion and Beijing-
        controlled institutions.”

        The expense, complexity and breadth of the BRI will dwarf
        China’s most famous infrastructure, The Great Wall.
        Moscow’s onboard
        Chatzky  notes  in his backgrounder  that
        Russia has become one of the BRI’s most
        enthusiastic  partners,  although  it  fi rst  re-
        sponded to Xi’s plan “with reticence.”

        Moscow,  at  fi rst,  he  said,  feared  Beijing’s
        plans “would outshine Moscow’s vision for
        a Eurasian Economic Union and impinge on
        its traditional sphere of infl uence.”

        But,  adds Chatzky, that’s all changed  as
        Russia’s relationship with the West has de-
        teriorated.  Now Putin has pledged to link
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