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SEPTEMBER 2019      TAP TIMES          -7-           its provision of hard infrastructure, says
                                                                CSIS.  “Likewise, the BRI provides China
                                                                with an opportunity to use its consider-
                  New Silk Road (from 6)                        able economic means to fi nance these
                                                                                         infrastructure projects
                                                                                         around the world.”

                                                                                         $26 trillion needed
                                                                                         The Asian Develop-
                                                                                         ment Bank believes
                                                                                         the developing coun-
                                                                                         tries of Asia collec-
                                                                                         tively will need $26
                                                                                         trillion in infrastruc-
                                                                                         ture investment to
                                                                                         sustain growth, CSIS

                                                                                         While the BRI seems
                   Infographic depicts lnew and Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road
                                                                                       like a helpful project for
        Benefi ciary countries are likely to fi nd the          many of the participants, a report by An-
        most attractive elements of the BRI to be               drew Chatzky for the Council Next page

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