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SEPTEMBER 2019    TAP TIMES          -4-

                  New Silk Road (from 3)

        Minister Zhang was not the most famous
        architect of the Silk Road or of trade in
        China—that honor goes to the Venetian
        Marco Polo who opened trade routes for
        another emporer in the 13th Century and
        wrote a book about it—but Zhang was the

        Trading roots
        The original silk road was a massive en-
        terprise for the Chinese.  It placed them at
        the top of the then-known-world traders
        and merchants.  Although centuries have
        passed, today’s China strategy bears many
        similarities in its trading roots.
                                                                                     Marco Polo
        As of this writing, the Trump Administra-               significant impact on the global semicon-
        tion has placed various tariffs on products             ductor trade and will affect the business of
        imported from China.  That country has                  most industries.
        reacted with taxes placed on U.S.-made
        products imported into China.

                                                                Silk Road Economic Belt
        The Chinese people are known for playing                The Silk Road Economic Belt, according
        the long game, with planning based on the               to the official White Paper by The State
        next dozen years, not the next fiscal quar-             Council of the People’s Republic of China
        ter or the whims of the money market.                   “focuses on bringing together China, Cen-
                                                                tral Asia, Russia and the Baltic.”

        Belt and Road Initiative                                The second part of the BRI, The 21st Cen-
        In 2013, China’s president for life Xi Jin-             tury Maritime Silk Road proposes to run
        ping (right), announced                                 from China’s coast to Europe through the
        China’s “Belt and Road Ini-                             South China Sea and to the Indian Ocean
        tiative (BRI).”                                         in one route.

        This, according to a white                              A second route will traverse China’s coast
        paper by the Council on                                 to  the South China Sea to the South Pa-
        Foreign Relations (CFR) “is                             cific.
        the most ambitious infra-
        structure investment effort                             A reading of the PRC’s Action Plan shows
        in history.”                                            that the amount of work and investment
                                                                China plans to spend implementing the
        While the BRI does not directly address                 BRI is daunting.
        semiconductors, it will ultimately have a                                                        Page 6u
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