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TAP TIMES                                              Volume 10, Number 9

           Test, Assembly & Packaging TIMES                                   September 2019

        China’s new Silk Road strategy for growth and power

                                  hang Qian, the
                                  emperor’s trust-

                                  ed plenapoten-
                                  tiary, cursed the
                                  stubborn horse
                                  that served as
                                  his transport,
        Z when the weary
                                  creature refused
         Ron Iscoff, Editor to continue the

              roniscoff@          hot, unpleasant
                                                                          Xi’an, the beginning of the Silk Road

                                                                Zhang, now having gathered intelligence
                                                                in the Western Regions, wanted  to return
        A long convoy                                           to file his report with the emporer.  He was
        The long convoy, comprised of nearly                    captured again by the Huns and impris-
        100 travelers, departed Longxi, China (in               oned for a year until he escaped.
        the Gansu province) in 139 BC.  Minister
        Zhang, appointed by Emporer Wudi of the
        powerful Han Dynasty, faced a remarkable                A man of great determination
        journey on an unknown, often dangerous                  Known for his determination, the diplomat
        road.                                                   returned to give his report to the emporer,
                                                                then set off for a second journey to the
        This intelligence-gathering journey on be-              Western Regions.
        half of the emporer was to become a trial
        by fire for Zhang, when he and his envoys               Minister Zhang’s persistence in opening
        were captured by the Huns, enemies of                   a new trade route for the Han Dynasty
        the emporer, and were confined for 10                   opened what became “The Silk Road.”

                                                                This was an interconnected trading net-
        Finally, Zhang and his party escaped and                work, which initially impacted the Han Dy-
        spent a year amassing knowledge of the                  nasty, making its bounty of goods a desir-
        customs, culture and people of the region.              able trade source among many nations.
        But there was more bad luck in the offing.                                                           Next page
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