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SEPTEMBER 2019         TAP TIMES          -18-        Leading companies in the SoI markets in-
                                                                clude, Soitec (France), Shin-Etsu Chemical
                                                                (Japan), GlobalWafers (Taiwan), SUMCO
                          SoI (from 17)                         Corporation (Japan), Simgui (China), (US),
                                                                TowerJazz (Israel), Sony (Japan), Wafer-
                                                                Pro (US), STMicroelectronics N.V. (Swit-

        leaders for the development of Advanced                 zerland), NXP Semiconductor N.V. (Neth-
        Driver-assistance Systems (ADAS) and                    erlands), Ineda Systems (India), Evaderis
        driverless cars.                                        (France), Murata Manufacturing (Japan).

        Audi’s integration                                      U.S. players
        For instance, Audi (Germany) is making                  U.S. companies include GLOBALFOUND-
        efforts to integrate FD-SOI with devices or             RIES, Qualcomm, Skyworks Solutions and
        sensors used in its autonomous cars.                    Qorvo and Silicon Valley Microelectronics
                                                                and Wafer Pro.

        These cars require high-speed, low-power,
        and compact electronic devices for their                Other players are MagnaChip Semiconduc-
        operations. This, in turn, leads to the in-             tor (South Korea), UMC (Taiwan), TSMC
        creased demand for SOI-based wafers.                    (Taiwan), Qualcomm (US), and EV Group
                                                                (UK) are leading companies operating in

        Moreover, other products in autonomous                  the SOI market.
        cars that use FD-SOI wafers are infotain-
        ment systems, instrument clusters, Head-                Soitec (France) is one of the leading play-
        up Displays (HUDs), and e-cockpits.                     ers in the SOI market. It offers license to
                                                                various companies such as SEH America

        The SOI market in the Asia Pacific region               for selling SOI wafers. Soitec manufac-
        is projected to grow at the highest CAGR                tures both, thin-film and thick-film SOI
        from 2019 to 2024.                                      wafers under the brand, UNIBOND.
                                                                R&D activities

        Increasing investments                                  The company invests a major portion of
        Increasing investments by wafer manufac-                its revenue in R&D activities to meet the
        turers and foundry players are influencing              demand for fine materials from various
        the growth of the SOI market in this re-                semiconductor manufacturers. Moreover,
        gion.                                                   Soitec offers competitive products to the
                                                                manufacturers of miniaturized chips to

        For instance, in March 2018, Shin-Etsu                  improve their performance and reduce en-
        Chemical (Japan) carried out around USD                 ergy consumption.
        996 million facility investments for its sili-
        cones business.                                         These products are used to manufacture
                                                                chips for consumer electronic devices such

        These investments are aimed at enabling                 as smartphones; automotive applications;
        the company to expand its business in                   IoT applications; computer servers; and
        the Asia Pacific region. Moreover, in June              data centers.
        2018, TowerJazz (Israel) announced the
        expansion of RF-SOI 65 nm process in its                The RF-SOI and power-SOI based products
        300 mm Uozu, Japan fab.                                 offered by the company are used in con-
                                                                sumer electronic devices and automotive.
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