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SEPTEMBER 2019        TAP TIMES          -17-         challenges for the manufacturers of SOI

            Silicon on Insulator forecast                       Based on product, the RF FEM segment
             to be $2.1b market in 2024                         accounted for the largest share of the SOI

                                                                market in 2018.

        HADAPSAR, India—The Silicon on
        Insulator (SOI) market is projected                     Increased demand for RF FEM
        to grow from $894 million in 2019 to                    The growth of this segment can be attrib-
        $2,18 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of                     uted to the increased demand for RF FEM
        19.6 percent from 2019 to 2024, ac-                     in upcoming 5G technology as well as con-
        cording to Markets and Markets.                         sumer electronic devices such as smart-
                                                                phones, laptops, and tablets.
        Effective use of silicon during the manu-
        facturing of thin SOI wafers and low op-                Currently, all smartphones use RF chips
        erating voltage and high performance of                 comprising RF-SOI wafers. In the SOI eco-
        SOI-based devices are some of the factors               system, wafer manufacturers and foundry
        expected to contribute to the growth of                 players are also taking initiatives for the
        the SOI market across the globe.                        development of RF FEM products using
                                                                SOI technology.

        Growth opportunities                                    For instance, GLOBALFOUNDRIES  (US)
        The flourishing integrated circuit industry,            has developed advanced RF-SOI platforms
        expanding SOI ecosystem in Asia Pacific,                that integrate low noise amplifiers, power
        and increasing use of SOI in IoT applica-               amplifiers, RF switches, and phased-array
        tions act as growth opportunities for the               antennas with RF FEM for advanced 4G
        SOI market.                                             LTE.

        However, the floating body and self-heat-               The company is also focusing on improving
        ing effects in SOI-based devices act as                                       tives are expected to
                                                                                      fuel the growth of the
                                                                                      RF FEM segment of the

                                                                                      Automotive aps
                                                                                      The automotive appli-
                                                                                      cation segment of the
                                                                                      SOI market is projected
                                                                                      to grow at the highest
                                                                                      CAGR during the fore-
                  Soitec cleanroom
                                                                                      cast period.

                                                                                      This growth can be at-
                                                                                      tributed to the increas-
                                                                                      ing investments being
                                                                                      made by automotive gi-
                                                                                      ants and other business
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