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SEPTEMBER 2019        TAP TIMES          -14-
                                                                        Microcontrollers (from 13)
                             Events                             ASP erosion in 32-bit MCUs has ended,

                                                                with the average selling price forecast to
         Sept. 5-6, 31st Annual Electronics Packaging           drop by a CAGR of -3.7 percent between
         Symposium, Binghamton University, Bing-                2018 and 2023 compared to a -16.1 per-
         hamton, N.Y.,                           cent CAGR nosedive in the 2013-2018

         Sept. 18-20, SEMICON Taiwan, Taipei, semi-
                                                                Automotive MCU sales to drop
         Sept. 22-26, SMTA International, Rosemont,             Automotive microcontrollers sales are
         Il.,                                          forecast to drop 5 percent in 2019 to $6.4
                                                                billion after rising just 1.1 percent in 2018
         Oct. 8-11, Korea Electronics Show, Seoul, kes.         when vehicle sales began slumping.
                                                                In 2017, worldwide automotive MCU rev-
                                                                enues grew 12 percent on the strength of
                                                                car sales in the year as well as the spread

                         Advertisers                            of sensors in vehicles and increase in ad-
                                                                vanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).
           Aries Electronics
           Contech Solutions       Automotive MCU sales are now projected
           E-Tec                             to rise 1 percent in 2020 to nearly $6.5
           HCD Corp.                       billion, followed by gradual strengthening
           Mirror Semiconductor             in growth during the 2021-2023 period to
           Nordson DAGE                reach $8.1 billion in the final forecast year.
           Precision Contacts
           Spectrum Semiconductor
           Test Tooling Solutions


                              Key                               Automotive apps continue  to be the  leading end-user
                                                                market for MCUs. (Honda)
                          Industry                              Largest end-use market

                         Buyers &                               Automotive applications continue to be the
                         Specifiers                             largest end-use market for MCUs, account-
                                                                ing for about 39 percent of total microcon-
                    with Your Ad in                             troller sales in 2019.
                      TAP TIMES!                                IC Insights estimates that about 9 percent

                                                                of automotive microcontroller sales are
            Please request a ratecard:                          currently generated by MCUs involved in
                                  IoT connections in vehicles.
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