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SEPTEMBER 2019        TAP TIMES          -10-         15 ranking in 1H19 compared to 1H18.

            Top chip suppliers’ sales fell                      Growth for Sony
                                                                Fabless IC supplier MediaTek moved up
                    by 18% in first half                        one spot from 16th to 15th and IDM Sony,

                                                                which was the only top-15 supplier to
                                                                register year-over-year growth, jumped up
        SCOTTSDALE, Arizona—the top-15                          five positions to rank as the 14th largest
        semiconductor companies’ sales                          semiconductor supplier in 1H19.
        dropped by 18 percent in 1H19 com-
        pared to 1H18, four points worse than                   As shown, 90 percent of Sony’s total semi-
        the total worldwide semiconductor in-                   conductor sales are from O-S-D devices,
        dustry 1H19/1H18 decline of 14 per-                     primarily image sensor components for
        cent, according to IC Insights.                         smartphones.

                                                                The 1H19 top-15 ranking includes one
        Volatile memory market                                  pure-play foundry (TSMC) and four fabless
        Illustrating the extremely volatile nature              companies.  If TSMC were excluded from
        of the memory market, the Big 3 memory                  the ranking, China-based fabless IC sup-
        suppliers—Samsung, SK Hynix, and Mi-                    plier HiSilicon ($3,500 million) would have
        cron—each registered year-over-year                     been ranked 15th.
        revenue declines of at least 33 percent in
        1H19 after each company posted greater                  HiSilicon’s sales surged 25% in 1H19 as
        than 36 percent year-over-year growth                   compared to 1H18.  However, since over
        one year earlier in 1H18.                               90 percent of HiSilicon’s IC sales are inter-
                                                                nal transfers to Huawei, Huawei’s “black-
        Nine of the top-15 companies had semi-                  listing” by the U.S. government is likely
        conductor sales of at least $5.0 billion in             to slow HiSilicon’s sales growth rate in the
        1H19, one company less than in 1H18.  As                second half of this year.
        shown, it took about $3.7 billion in first
        half sales just to make it into the 1H19                IC Insights includes foundries in the top-
        top-15 semiconductor supplier list.                     15 semiconductor supplier ranking.

        There were two new entrants into the top-                                      
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