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OCTOBER 2019      TAP TIMES          -7-

                      Casebook (from 6)

        Brexit would pass.  Many others didn’t,
        and now they must struggle to react

        Reduced per capita income
        According to the anonymous author of a                  The  October  2011  fl oods  in  Thailand  caused  a  severe
                                                                distuption in the global supply chain for many products.
        Wikipedia article on Brexit, the consensus
        among economists is that Brexit “will likely            Thailand,  severely  disrupting part  of  the
        reduce the UK’s real per capita income                  global supply chain.
        in the medium- and longterm, and that
        Brexit has already damaged the British                  Almost  all  manufacturing  was  aff ected,
        economy.”                                               with particular damage to the facilities that
                                                                make computer hard drives, a staple of the
        In July 2011, a devastating series of                   Thai electronics industry.
        weather events, which began in the mon-
        soon season and lasted until January                    According to Reuters, several large makers
        2012, brought fl ooding to much of                                                             Next page

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