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OCTOBER 2019       TAP TIMES          -6-

                     Casebook (from 4)

        may also become embroiled in new red
        tape as trucks from outside the U.K. ar-
        rive at U.K. border crossings.  Since 2005,
        the borders between the U.K., France and
        the Republic of Ireland have been essen-
        tially invisible.                                           SPECTRUM IS YOUR

        Xavier Bertrand, a French offi  cial with                     HI-REL IC PACKAGE
        responsibility for the Anglo-French border
        said in 2016, “If Britain leaves the EU, the
        border will leave Calais and go to Dover.”                   AND LID SOLUTION

                                                                  FOR MIL-AERO, AUTOMOTIVE, COMMUNICATIONS,

                                                                  MEDICAL, WIRELESS AND AVIONICS APPLICATIONS

                                                                    Spectrum offers:
                                                                    •  Highly knowledgeable sales staff with decades
                                                                      of Industry Experience
                                                                    •  Highest quality ROHS, REACH, Non-Conflict Minerals
                                                                      and Counterfeit Prevention compliant materials
                                                                    •  ISO-9001:2015 and AS9120B QMS Certified
                                                                    •  Qualified Source for: Mil-Aero, Automotive,
                                                                      Communications, Medical, Wireless, Avionics
                                                                    •  World Wide Same Day Shipping
                                                                    •  Guaranteed On-Time Delivery
                                                                    •  Small Business, Veteran Owned
                                                                    •  Competitive pricing

        Brexit, the separation of the United Kingdom from the
        European Union presents UK-based companies with the
        need in many cases to reconfi gure their supply chain.

        With heated negotiations now underway
        on border crossing protocols and treaties
        now under discussion, how border cross-                 Located in Silicon Valley for the past 29 years, Spectrum Semiconductor Materials,
        ings will be resolved is an open question.              Inc. is a World Wide Authorized Distributor of packages and lids for IC assembly.
                                                                Our proven track record, consistent customer service and long-standing supplier
                                                                  relationships makes us the premier distributor for your IC Packaging needs.
        A new test for the supply chain                            Visit to see what we can do for you!
        The supply chain within Europe will be
        tested as never before when Brexit be-
        comes offi  cial.

        While many companies had already ad-                                 155 Nicholson Ln. San Jose, CA 95134
        justed their supply lines, believing that                                   (408) 435-5555
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