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                     October 2019                               13-SEMI: 300mm fab equipment torecover in 2020

                                                                14-Fabs valued at $50 billion planned
                                                                15-CMOS sensors moving to record sales
                         Contents                               20-Chip acquisitions regaining momentum
                                                                21-Yole: Memory business approaching bottom
                                                                26-Xilinx builds world’s largest FPGA
        Buyer’s Casebook:  When a single                        27-WSTS predicts chip market will fall 13.3%
                                                                27-SIA urgest Commerce to rush Huawei OKs
        source isn’t enough, Martin Hart and                    28-CAPEX forecast to slip 8% this year
        Ron Iscoff , 3                                           29-Workers appear more satisfi ed on the job
                                                                32-TSMC’s fab investment is paying off
                                                                33-Meical electronics worth $6.6B by 2025
        Advertisers, Events, 16                                 37-Device shipments to decline 3.2%  this year

        Business Cards, 17
                                                                EndPoints: U.S. companies challenge
                                                                China’s rare-earth dominance, Ron
        Buyer’s Guide to Sockets, 18-19
                                                                Iscoff , 38

        Advanced MPUs from nanotubes, 23                        Cover:  TSMC’s Fab 14 in Taiwan’s Tainan Science-based
                                                                Industrial Park is one of the company’s showcase 300mm
        30, Uncovering hidden noise that                        wafer fabs.  With heavy investment in equipment and fa-
        can kill qubits, 30                                     cilities, TSMC is the world’s largest silicon foundry
                                                                                                        (TSMC photo)
                                                                               Contents © 2019 TAP TIMES
        Plastic electrolytes may enable
        improved LiIon battery, 33

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                                        • High reliability up to 500k insertion cycles
                                        • High frequency up to 27 GHz in pogo pin (up to 40GHz validated, with
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                                        • Thru-hole technology, SMT, Solderless Type
                                          Also pluggable into adapter MiniGridSocket series (see E-tec catalog TS01)
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                  Flat Pack     PGA          LGA      Ceramic spatial   LCC          BGA      QFN / Power QFN  Custom
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                              EP Patents 0897655, 1385011, 0829188, US Patents 6249440, 6190181, 6390826 and Patents in other countries

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