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OCTOBER 2019         TAP TIMES          -14-         (200mm equivalents).  Most of the addi-
                                                                tional capacity will be dedicated to found-
                                                                ries (37 percent), followed by memory (24
             Fabs valued at nearly $50B                         percent) andf microprocessors (17 perc-

           to begin construction in 2020                        net)  Of the 15 new fab proejcts in 2019,
                                                                about half are for 200mm wafer sizes.

        MILPITAS, Calif.—Investment in new                                   Share your expertise
        fab construction in 2020 may reach                                 with industry colleagues!
        nearly $50 billion, up from some $12
        billion this year, according to the lat-                 TAP TIMES is always looking for good, original
        est update of SEMI’s World Fab Fore-                     articles about semiconductor assembly, test
        cast.                                                    and
                                                                 emerging technologies relevant to semicon-
                                                                 ductor processing.  Contact the editor at ronis-
        $38B by end of year
        Fifteen new fab projects with a
        total investment of $38 billion            Solving Your BGA Device
        are set to begin construction
        by the end of this year with               Test & Validation Challenges
        18 more fabs forecast to begin
        construction in 2020.

                                                    • 0.50 to 1.27mm Pitch
        Of the 18, 10 fabs with a total             • 0.50 to 1.27mm Pitch
        investment of more than $35
                                                    • Thousands of Footprints
        billion carry a high probability.           • Thousands of Footprints
                                                    • Build-A-Part Online
        The other eight, with a total               • Build-A-Part Online
        investment of more than $14
        billion have a low probability of           •  Exclusive Solder
        materializing.                                Ball Terminals

                                                    • Customized Designs
                                                    • Customized Designs
        1.1 million WPM                             • Customized Designs                              BGA Socket
                                                                                                      BGA Socket
                                                                                                      Adapter System
        The fab projectsto begin con-                                                                 Adapter System
        struction next year are ex-
        pected to produce more than
        1.1 million wafer per month                                      Flip-Top™ BGA Socket
        (200mm equivalents). Most of                                     (Spring pin design)
        these fabs and lines will begin
        equipping in 2021.

        Facilities that begin construc-
        tion this year will begin equip-
        ping as early as the first half of
        next year, with some starting
        to ramp production as early as

        These new fabs will add more               800.424.9850 • 401.823.5200
        than 740,000 wafers per month      •        Made in USA
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