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OCTOBER 2019      TAP TIMES          -12-           tool and qualify its FPGA product line with
                                                                other suppliers.
                     Casebook (from 10)
                                                                During the changeover, Xilinx selected a
                                                                single source supplier of solder column at-
                                                                tachment services to replace IBM.
        boxed up and sat dormant in crates for
        years before being put back into service.
        Xilinx, among others, had depended on                   Risk of disruption
        IBM for packaging services.
                                                                Xilinx’s product line could potentially be at
                                                                risk of disruption should its current single-
                                                                source subcontractor stop delivering col-
        A year to qualify                                       umn attachment services.
        It took more than a year for Xilinx to re-

                                                                               While a disruption to your
                                                                               company’s supply line, seri-
                                                                               ous enough to halt production
                                                                               may never occur, it is always
                                                                               prudent to often review your
                                                                               purchasing protocols.

                                                                               Martin Hart is the president
                                                                               and CEO of TopLine in Ir-
                                                                               vine, Calif.  He is an industry
                                                                               veteran and an engineering
                                                                               graduate of California State
                                                                               University, Long Beach.

                                                                                   DoE funding quantum
                                                                                  computing with $60.7M

                                                                                   WASHINGTON, D.C.—
                                                                               The U.S. Department of
                                                                               Energy has released $60.7
                                                                               million to advance the
                                                                               development of quantum
                                                                               computing and network-

                                                                               About $47 million will be pro-
                                                                               vided for three fi ve-year proj-
                                                                               ects for quantum computing.
                                                                               Another $13.7 million will go
                                                                               toward fi ve four-year projects
                                                                               aimed at developing wide-
                                                                               area quantum networks.
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