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                  Bottom-gating (from 8)

        In this case, TI had charged 19 off shore
        companies, including Samsung, with vio-
        lating the U.S. tariff  laws by importing
        256K and 64K memory chips, as noted

        Another round for the ‘027 patent
        This, TI contended, since the chips were
        encapuslated outside the U.S., the 19 in-
        fringed the famous ‘027 patent and other
        patents held by TI including 3,541,543.

        TI lost this one on appeal, as the ITC ruled
        that the Texas chip maker was guilty of
        “double patenting,” akin to double-dipping,
        among other fl aws in its appeal.

        Finally, as it wound its contorted way
        around the legal system, TI was rewarded
        with the initial ruling that, yes, those fi ve
        chip makers had infringed the ‘027 patent.

        Victory is sweet
        Victory is sweet, but not too sweet. The
        commission also ruled, to TI’s great dis-
        may, that the fi ve had not infringed other
        TI packaging patents by using an alterna-
        tive process known as top gating.

        All fi ve companies, according to a NY
        Times article (Oct. 16, 1991) had switched
        to alternative packaging methods.

        TI had sought to block the import of chips
        into the U.S. that employed the alternative

        “We are disappointed the judge ruled that
        our patent does not cover this identical
        process, which is done with only a mi-
        nor retoolingof mold-process equipment,”
        Richard J. Agnich, TI senior vice president
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                                                                                                                        ability to operate during the monsoons.

                                                                                                                        At many companies, vendor sourcing often
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