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NOV.-DEC. 2019       TAP TIMES          -13-         in the Northern District’s, Silicon Valley
                                                                area.  Texas, of course, is also the home of
                                                                many technology firms, including TI, which
                                                                is still somewhat litigious; and Delaware is
                 Bottom-gating (from 12)                        often the site for a company’s incorpora-
                                                                tion due to its ease of filing qualifications.

        Why the drop?  There doesn’t seem to be
        a single answer.  In some cases, it’s likely            Most sued
        due to the increasing cost of trying a pat-             The most-sued technology company be-
        ent dispute in court.                                   tween 2012-2016, according to Jones Day,
                                                                was Samsung Electronics Co., with 18
        In 2015, Apple topped the list at 35, fol-              actions during that five-year period. They
        lowed by Samsung with 33, then HP with                  were followed by Samsung Electronics
        32 lawsuits. Fourth was Activas, followed               America and Samsung Semiconductor.
        by Amazon.

        Economic impact
        The Motley Fool article noted, “Even taking
        into account the much larger size of the
        economy today, the economic impact of
        patent litigation today is an order of mag-
        nitude larger than it was in the age of the

        A White Paper written by Jones Day, an
        intellectual property law firm, noted that
        semiconductor patent litigation suits are
        mostly concentrated in a few districts.                 The three Samsung companies were fol-
                                                                lowed by Japan’s Toshiba Corp. The top
        in 2016, three-fourths of the suits were                plaintiff during that period was Anza Tech-
        filed in Texas (30); Delaware (23); Califor-            nology, a small maker of wire bonders.
        nia (30). The choice of California is prob-
        ably obvious, although only nine were
                                                                Samsung chief complainant
                                                                During that five-year period, Samsung
                                                                was also the chief complainant before the
                            Reach                               U.S. ITC, with 5 filings, tied with Freescale

                             Key                                Semiconductor.  Spansion, now part of
                                                                Cypress Semiconductor, was in third place,
                          Industry                              followed by Knowles Electronics, both with

                         Buyers &                               four filings.

                         Specifiers                             The book Patent Litigation in the U.S. Semi-
                   with Your Ad in                              conductor Industry (The National Acad-
                                                                emies Press, Rosemarie Ham Ziedonis)
                      TAP TIMES!                                said, among semiconductor companies
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