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NOV.-DEC. 2019      TAP TIMES          -12-         school sued nearly every major technology
                                                                company for infrinigement on a patent for
                                                                blue LEDs.”
                  Bottom-gating (from 10)

                                                                The blue LED suits included Apple, Amazon
                                                                and Samsung, which Boston College later
        The Herald knocked its homeworn school’s                licensed.
        lawsuit in its July 3 article by quoting Da-
        vid Olson, a patent law professor at near-              The most litigious
        by Boston College.                                      Who are the most litigious technology
                                                                companies today?  We couldn’t learn that
        “It seems to be maybe they looked at the                through a check of the Internet.
        math on this and thought there’s a lot of
        money to be made here,”he noted.  “For a                However an article in the Aug. 12, 2015
        lot of universities, it’s not a source of in-           issue of The Motley Fool reported there
        come, but if you’re Stanford or MIT or Har-             were 3,499 patent litigation cases in 2011,
        vard, there’s a lot of potential there.”                according to Statista. That number was

                                                                believed to rise to 6,100 in 2015.

        Litigative blitz                                        In 2018, according to another source,
        The article reported the Harvard suits                  there were 3,657 patent suits fi led in the
        against Micron and GLOBALFOUNDRIES                      U.S.  This was a drop of 40 percent from
        mirrored a “litigative blitz from Boston                the year earlier, according to Law360.
        University several years ago, when the                                                         Next page

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