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NOVEMBER 2017         TAP TIMES          -6-

                   Wire bonding (from 4)

         the bond head, like cutters, wire guides,                   Let Integra help get
        and set screws should not be forgotten
        either. These need to be changed and ad-                    your newly designed
        justed as well.
                                                                            IC to market!

        Did you know?
        Did you know that the set screw that                         Integra Technologies provides
        holds the wire bond tool in place should be
        changed every time the tool is changed?                       every post-wafer fabrication
        Did you also know that the set screw                         service necessary to deliver a
        needs to be tightened to a specifi c torque
        setting? These are very important factors                    cost-effective fully assembled
        that will have an effect on the process                     and tested product to your end
                                              See page 9                    customer including:

                                                                            • Wafer Probe

                                                                            • Assembly

                                                                            • Final Test
                                                                            • Test Development

                                                                            • Qualifications

                                                                            • FIB / DPA / FA

        Compare the effects of a new wire bond tool (above)
        with a used wire bonding tool with Al buildup on the
        left side (below)


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