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TAP TIMES                                                Volume 8, Number 11

           Test, Assembly & Packaging TIMES                                     November 2017

                  Achieving wire bond interconnect process success

        O                     connects are formed

                              ver 15 trillion inter-

                              by wire bonding each
                              year.  The vast majori-
                              ty are gold ball bonds,
                              but aluminum wedge
                              and ribbon bonding


           William Boyce      should not be forgot-
           SMART Microsystems Ltd.
           Elyria, Ohio
                                 The vast majority of wire bonds are  gold
                                                                ball bonds.

        Wire bonding is generally considered the                incoming materials that are free of con-
        most cost-effective and flexible intercon-              tamination and corrosion.
        nect technology commonly used to assem-
        ble semiconductor packages.
        So why is it that when wire bonding is                  Every wire bond application presents
        mentioned as an interconnect strategy in                unique process challenges depending on
        a new development project, it raises cause              the specific application of the product.
        for concern?
                                                                Years of product development have shown
                                                                that the leading “process-induced” wire
        Not to be taken lightly                                 bond challenges have originated from fix-
        Wire bonding is not a process to be taken               turing.
        lightly.  For long term success, a robust
        wire bond interconnect needs a solid pro-               In most cases a custom fixture must be
        cess.                                                   designed to securely hold the parts before
                                                                wire bonding can begin. Wire bonding re-
        Several fundamental requirements have                   quires that parts be held in a stationary
        to be thoroughly addressed.  For example,                                                      Next page
        wire bonding requires proper fixturing, ap-
        propriate bond tools, reliable bond param-                                 Advertisement
        eters and loop geometry, and good                           Air-Cavity QFN?
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