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        Achieving wire bond interconnect pro-                   34-pure play foundries boost China presence
        cess  success,  William  Boyce, SMART                   35-Demand exceeds supply for NAND Flash
                                                                37-Qualcomm will appeal $774 million fine
        Microsystems, 3                                         38-Berkeley Lab reveals high tunability of 2D materials
                                                                41-Record capital spending for foundry, Flash memory
        Advertisers, Events, 20                                 43-Georgia Tech supports DARPA’s CHIPS program

        Business Cards, 28-29                                   EndPoints:  If you can’t bring  the

                                                                jobs  back,  at  least  send  the  money!
                                                                Ron Iscoff, 46
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        13-Outlook for 450mm wafers fades; 200-300mm grows
        14-Global semiconductor revenue to reach $411 billion
        16-Record silicon wafer shipments forecast for 2017-19
        17-MEPTEC zeroes-in on heterogenous integration           The Cover: Judging from the stories on
        18-Intel delivers 17-Qubit chip                           pages 14, 16, 21 and 41, 2018 will be a
        20-Paul Ottelini, Intel’s 5th CEO, dies at 66
        20-T.J. Rodgers donates $5 million to MIT                high flyer for the semiconductor industry.
        21-IC Insights raises IC market forecast by 22%            That’s the good news.  The bad news:
        22-The IoT is forecast to climb 12% yearly                       It’s decision time.  Hire more
        22-TSMC’s Dr. Morris Chang plans to retire
        23-Fast moving particles may allow new data storage        people now, or wait until the projected
        26-USITC rules for solar import relief                      surge becomes evident? Invest more
        30-Power semiconductor market to grow 75%                       money in the business or wait?
        31-Quantum computation tackles basic science
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