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NOVEMBER 2017          TAP TIMES          -10-

                   Wire bonding (from 9)

        If they are short, but too tall, they can fail
        in vibration and mechanical shock or inter-
        fere with other components.

        By understanding loop geometry and bond
        head movement, proper looping geometry
        can be designed into the part and opti-
        mized for the life of the product.                           Vibration failure with view of break at the “heel”

                                                                In fact, variations with incoming material
        Incoming Material                                       could be the number one cause overall.
        If fixturing is the leading “process-in-                There are only two inputs to a wire bond
        duced” wire bond challenge, then varia-                 process—the wire and the part to be bond-
        tion with incoming material is the leading              ed. Modern bonding wire by the leading
        cause of “non-process” related wire bond                manufacturers is very reliable and seldom
        challenges and failures.                                a cause for concern.
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