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MAY-JUNE 2020        TAP TIMES          -7-

                   Silicon Valley (from 6)

        Making and selling semiconductors means
        a large investment. There are two ways to
        do it:  Develop your own chip-making fac-
        tories or buy someone else’s.   Typically,
        neither way is cheap nor easy.

        Advanced chip-making tools
        The Chinese would love to buy advanced                  Much advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment
        front-end semiconductor manufacturing                   used at the front-end, such as this Applied Materials Cen-
        equipment from leading U.S. makers such                 tris etching system, is considered highly sesitive and may
        as Advanced Materials, Lam Research and                 not be sold to China or many other countries.
                                                                                                                       (Applied Materials)
        others.  Alas, that’s often not possible.
                                                                are considered highly critical to the coun-
        The  most  advanced  semiconductor  manu-               try’s national security.The same is true
        facturing equipment, particularly that used             when it comes to acquiring existing semi-
        in the front-end for etching or oxide deposi-           conductor fabs in the U.S. When this ar-
        tion cannot be sold to China.  These tools              ticle was originally prepared in 2015,
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