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MAY-JUNE 2020        TAP TIMES          -6-         They want what we have: computers,
                                                                smartphones, large flat panel HDTVs,
                                                                iPads and Kindles.
                   Silicon Valley (from 4)
                                                                The words, “economic miracle” have been
        The days when China’s leaders wore ill-                 used to frustration to describe China’s
        fitting pants with drab Mao jackets are                 move from hardcore Communism to their
        long gone.  Today’s standard dress is a                 peculiar from of capitalism.
        western-style  business suit and necktie,
        with a (Chinese-made) smartphone or two                 The go-to place for chips
        discreetly tucked into a jacket pocket.                 Today, like China, there are two iconic
                                                                symbols most developing countries de-
        The world’s market                                      mand in their national budgets: Their own
        China has become the principal vendor not               airline and their own semiconductor indus-
        only to the United States, but to the world.            try.
        While this has its benefits for China’s trade
        partners, it also has many drawbacks.                   China has both, but it wants to be the
                                                                go-to place for chips, not just a second-
        They Want What We Want                                  source outlet or a location chosen for chip
        The educated residents of China are quick               packaging.
        studies.                                                                                       next page

                        So you need high parallelism

                                 testing of small DFN parts

                             ... really small parts?

                                             We’re doing 0.3mm x 0.6mm without jams.
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