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TAP TIMES                                                      Volume 11, Number 5

                                                                                    May-June 2020
           Test, Assembly & Packaging TIMES

                             They all want to be Silicon Valley

               China, India, New York State, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, etc.

                    emiconductors and Northern
                    California’s Silicon Valley go
                    together like salt and pepper,
                    Bogie and Bacall, coffee and
                    cream or crime and punish-

        A tri-county area
        Although an exact definition doesn’t exist
        and purists may disagree, it largely occu-
        pies a tri-county area that includes Alam-
        eda County, Santa Clara County and San
        Mateo County.                                           President Richard M. Nixon and the First Lady are greeted
                                                                by Chinese Premier Chou En-Lai on Nixon’s ground-break-
                        Ron Iscoff, Editor                      ing visit to Peking in February 1972.  (Nixon Library)
                                                                (Silicon Alley); Dublin, Ireland (Silicon
                                                                Bog); and many more emerging locations.
        It’s likely that wherever you go in the
        world, the locals have heard of Silicon Val-            In  February  1972,  then-President  Richard
        ley, although they may not immediately                  M. Nixon visited China, meeting with high
        connect it to semiconductors and high                   officlals including Chairman Mao Zedong.
                                                                Ended 25 Years of Isolation
        Connect the Dots                                        This historic visit ended 25 years of isola-
        On the other hand, if you’re in the technol-            tion by the United States from the Peoples
        ogy business like we are, you immediately               Republic of China and began the era of
        think Silicon Valley with its iconic found-             trade partnership.
        ing companies and major players such as
        AMD, Apple and Intel. It’s even a long-                 Keep in mind this was only 14 years after
        runnning television series on HBO.                      the late Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments
                                                                demonstrated the semiconductor and only
        Every region wants to be Silicon Valley, an             four years before Dr. Gordon Moore and
        area that is truly remarkable and unrepro-              his colleague, the late Dr. Robert Noyce,
        ducible.                                                founded Intel in Santa Clara.
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        This includes Dallas, Texas (Silicon Gulch);
        Scotland (Silicon Glen);  Manhatten, N.Y.                 Editor’s Note: This article  was adapted and updated
                                                                    from an article that appeared in November 2015.
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