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                  Silicon Valley (from 10)

        YMTZ, operated by the Tsinghua Unigroup,
        was founded in 2015.  It produced its first
        Flash chip in 2017, and says it reached
        mass production on the chip last year.

        3D NAND memory
        It has now produced a 64-layer- and a
        128-layer 3D NAND memory.  Much of its
        current memory is destined for SSD stor-
        age. (The 64-layer wafer is shown on page
        10).                                                    The  Port  of  Oakland,  Calif.,  is  a  major  destination  for
                                                                goods from China.  (Port of Oakland photo)
        China is not alone in its desire to become
        the equal of (or successor) to Silicon Val-             The country’s strategy is summarized by
        ley.                                                    a quote from Sheikh Zayad Bin Sultan Al
                                                                Nahyan, the founder of the UAE, who died

        The United Arab Emirates, located in the                n 2004.
        southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on               “We must diversify.  We must not  rely on
        the Persian Gulf also aspires to become e               oil alone as the main source of our na-
        a major force in semiconductors.                        tional income.”—Sheikh Zayad Bin Sultan
                                                                Al Nahyan
        Mubadala Development
        The Mubadala Development Company, 100
        percent owned by the government,  in-                   “We Must Diversify” “We must not rely on
        tends to become a power not only in semi-               oil alone as the main source of our nation-
        conductors, but in aerospace, metals and                al income.  We have to diversify the sourc-
        mining, real estate and information tech-               es of our revenue and construct economic
        nology, as well.                                        projects.”

        Established in 1971, the UAE is a confed-               GLOBALFOUNDRIES
        eration of seven emirates, with Abu Dhabi               You may be familiar with Mubadala
        its capital.                                            through GLOBALFOUNDRIES, which has
                                                                become one of the leading wafer foundries
        Various sources place the UAE’s oil re-                 in the world.
        serves as the seventh largest in the world.
        In 2019, the UAE’s population was about                 The company operates from facilities in
        9.68 million, according to the World Bank.              upstate  New York, its headquarters, but
                                                                also operates plants in Malta, Germany,
        Of these, in 2018, some 87 percent were                 the United Kingdom and the UAE.
        expatriots, led by residents from India
        (2.6 million); Pakistan (1.2 million); and              Mubadala,  the Arabic word for “ex-
        others from Egypt; the Philippines and                  change,”’ was established by the Govern-
        other countries in SE Asia.  Many of these              ment of Abu Dhabi as a principal agent in
        expats are part of the UAE’s service indus-             the diversification of the country’s econo-
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