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MAY-JUNE 2020      TAP TIMES          -10-          COVID-19 virus pandemic into account.

                                                                The goals of Made in China 2025 include
                   Silicon Valley (from 9)
                                                                increasing the Chinese-domestic content
                                                                of core materials to 40 percent by 2020
        In the past fi ve years, the Chinese gov-               and 70 percent by 2025.
        ernment opened signifi cant funding and
        announced plans to aid the creation of a                Memory production
        robust domestic semiconductor industry.
                                                                The major semiconductor emphasis has
                                                                been on building plants to produce mem-
        Made in China                                           ory.  As of this writing, there are several
        Less than 20% of the chips consumed in                  memory chip plants in the very early
        China in 2015 were domestically produced,               phases or in limited production.
        according to EE Times.  The country’s
        “Made in China 2025” plan is to reach 40%
        by 2020 and 70% by 2025.                                                               Aside from CMXT,
                                                                                               China’s fi rst
        The “Made in China” plan calls for the                                                 memory plant is
        country to upgrade domestic industry into                                              Yangtze Memory
        powerful technology product providers.
        The plan also calls for increasing domestic                                            Technologies
                                                                                               (YMTZ), located
        content of core materials to 40 percent by                                             in Wuhan, the
        this year and 70 percent by 2025.
                                                                                               believed origin of
                                                                                               the Coronavirus.
        This plan, of course, did not take the

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                                       in the Test Socket World :

                                        E-tec Interconnect is
                                        pleased to present its
                                        new Clamshell Open Top Socket

                                        • High reliability up to 500k insertion cycles
                                        • High frequency up to 27 GHz in pogo pin (up to 40GHz validated, with
                                          Elastomeric contact technology)
                                        • Thru-hole technology, SMT, Solderless Type
                                          Also pluggable into adapter MiniGridSocket series (see E-tec catalog TS01)
                                        • All kinds of packages, even your latest special custom packages

                  Flat Pack     PGA          LGA      Ceramic spatial   LCC          BGA      QFN / Power QFN  Custom
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