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JUNE 2017         TAP TIMES          -6-

              Fixture development (from 4)

        These  tools  are  often  designed  to  dimen-               Let Integra help get
        sions and tolerances in the submicron range
        and can take up to eight weeks for fabrica-                 your newly designed
        tion and delivery.
                                                                            IC to market!

        Use plastic tools temporarily
        Sometimes  soft  plastic tools can  be  used                 Integra Technologies provides
        temporarily.  Plastic  tools  generally  have  a              every post-wafer fabrication
        shorter lead time so using them can cut the
        delivery  time  in half  while hard  tools are               service necessary to deliver a
        being fabricated in parallel. See page 9                     cost-effective fully assembled

                                                                    and tested product to your end

                                                                            customer including:

                                                                            • Wafer Probe

                                                                            • Assembly

                                                                            • Final Test
                                                                            • Test Development

                                                                            • Qualifications

                                                                            • FIB / DPA / FA
        Metal  die attach  end-effectors  are  preferred,  but
        plastic devices generally have a shorter leadtime.


        Once the project has been moved to the prototype                     (800) 622-2382
        build phase, wire bonding processes are moved to
        either  to  a  fi ne  guage  wire  bonder  (shown)  or  a
        heavy guage wire bonder.
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