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JUNE 2017

        Fixture  development: a  key  element                   36-Blackberry awarded $814.8 billion
        in MEMS sensor production,  William                     37-Self-assembling polymers produce thin template
        Boyce, SMART Microsystems, 3                            39-Global ASAS market to exceed 302M units
                                                                40-Smartphone production fell 23% from Q1
                                                                41-Flex electronics projects moving forward
        Business Cards, 24                                      42-Tiny nanoclusters may be next gen LiIon
                                                                45-Duke U team describes spray-on memory
        NEWS                                                    46-WD’s SanDisk seeks arbitration vs Toshiba
        12-Tsai appointed Mediatek co-CEO
        13-NXP takes top spot in microcontrollers               EndPoints: Is your microwave spying
        14-Norwegian company leases old Qualcomm fab            on you? Editor Ron Iscoff, 48
        15-Worldwide chip revenue for 2016 grew 2.6%
        16-Samsung may drive Intel into 2d place                       Contents copyright ©2017 by TAP TIMES
        18-SEMI reports photomask sales of $3.3B
        19-Chip makers will exceed $100B in sales in Q2
        20-DDR4 memory to dominate market share
        23-4Gb DDR4 module price likely to climb                        If you have an idea for a feature
        26-MIT researchers are not stuck on silicon                    article on IC assembly, packaging
        29-2016 wafer-level tool revenue up 11%                        or test, please contact the editor:
        30-Nano devices may withstand extremes                                   roniscoff@gmail
        32-More fab competition in China
        35-Advanced packaging keys: FO, RDL, FC
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