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              Fixture development (from 9)                      Those  critical dimensions  and  datum  are
                                                                then  passed  down  through  the  assembly,
                                                                into the fixture to ensure that the part will
        Parallel efforts can be made to begin fixture           meet the customer’s design and drawing in-
        design during the proof of concept phase—               tent. Finally, the fixture is designed to mate
        a strategy known as “starting with the end              with the automated process equipment.
        in mind.”

        Unfortunately, more  often  than  not,  the             Multiple processes with one fixture
        project  schedule  does  not  accommodate               In cases where there is more than one pro-
        proper fixture design.                                  cess, if possible,  the fixture is designed in
                                                                such a way that multiple processes can be
                                                                accommodated with a single fixture.
        Starting with a “top-down” approach
        Proper fixture design starts with a custom-             For example, if a process requires die at-
        er drawing and a top down approach.  The                tach followed by a gel dispense it can be a
        critical dimensions and datum are derived               substantial  cost  savings for  the  customer
        from the drawing of the top most assembly               to use one fixture for both operations.  This
        of the part being built.                                                                    See page 12

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