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JULY 2019      TAP TIMES          -9-

                    M&A activity (from 8)

        Among other things, Dr. Rogers and Cy-
        press agreed on a “non-disparagement”
        pact, at least until the  2019 annual meet-
        ing which was held on May 3, 2019, as
        long as Cypress nominated Dr. Rogers’ Mc-
        Cranie and Martino to the Cypress board

        Litigation resolved
        In the nearly two months since the “non-
        disparagement” agreement ran out, there
        has been no further litigation.

        Dr. Rogers, who has removed himself
        completely from Cypress’ business, has
        become the executive vice president of
        WaterBit, San Jose, described as an “au-
        tonomous irrigation solutions” company.
        He has grown grapes for wine for many

        Cypress now appears able to pursue a sale
        to Infi neon.  To date, at least since the an-
        nouncement of the pending sale, there has
        been no comment from CIFIUS (The Com-
        mittee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.)

        No deal for Broadcom
        In early 2018, CIFIUS and the Trump Ad-
        ministration put the kabosh on a proposed
        acquisition of Qualcomm, San Diego, Ca-
        lif., by then-Singapore-based Broadcom.
        Broadcom was ready to pay $121 billion
        for the California telecom company.

        At the time, Broadcom said it was pre-
        pared to move its headquarters from Asia
        to San Jose, which it later did.  CIFIUS still
        gave the acquisition a thumbs down.

        If the Infi neon acquisition goes through,
        the German giant will be getting a com-
        pany that makes wireless chips, power
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