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JULY 2019      TAP TIMES          -7-           Cypress until April 2016. He left the board
                                                                shortly thereafter. When Rogers exited
                                                                the company he founded, he wrote, “The
                    M&A activity (from 6)                       board and the executive staff  have urged
                                                                me to bring new blood into the opera-
        (GAAP).  Diluted EPS for Q119 was posted
        as $0.05 vs. $0.72 for the prior quarter of
        2018.  On April 1, 2019, Cypress sold its               Bad Boy of Silicon Valley
        NAND Flash business.  For FY2018, Cy-                   He was profi led by Businessweek in 1991,
        press reported (GAAP) $2.48 billion rev-                where he was called, “The Bad Boy of Sili-
        enue on a net income of $3.54 million and               con Valley.”  As both his admirers and de-
        an EPS of $0.72.                                        tractors (and he has lots of both) note—to
                                                                paraphrase Dylan Thomas—Dr. Rogers did
                                                                not go gentle into that good night.
        T.J. Rogers absent
        The publicity surrounding the pending Infi -            After the now-71 year old Rogers, a Wis-
        neon acquisition mentions Cypress’ current              consin-native, resigned, he made sure the
        CEO/President Hassane El-Khoury.  Found-                remaining executive staff did not forget
        er T.J. Rogers is absent from all publicity             him.
                                                                On April 24, 2017, Rogers, said to be the
        Dr. Rogers served as president and CEO at                                                      Next page

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