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JULY 2019         TAP TIMES          -12-

             Georgia Tech liquid cooling
         system may soon go commercial

        ATLANTA— In the online world of
        computer gaming, overclocking is a
        common practice by which hyper-
        competitive gamers look to push as
        much processing power as possible
        for the slightest advantage and edge                         SPECTRUM IS YOUR
        to win and enjoy the games they play.

        Running these gaming systems’ graphics                        HI-REL IC PACKAGE
        or central processing units at rates faster                   AND LID SOLUTION
        than they were designed for allows for
        higher performance, including rendering
        at higher frames per second with higher                     FOR MIL-AERO, AUTOMOTIVE, COMMUNICATIONS,
        resolutions and texture details.                            MEDICAL, WIRELESS AND AVIONICS APPLICATIONS

        But it also creates a lot more heat and                       Spectrum offers:
                                                                      •  Highly knowledgeable sales staff with decades
        that requires more cooling and care of                          of Industry Experience
        those key microlectronic components.                          •  Highest quality ROHS, REACH, Non-Conflict Minerals
                                                                        and Counterfeit Prevention compliant materials
                                                                      •  ISO-9001:2015 and AS9120B QMS Certified
                                                                      •  Qualified Source for: Mil-Aero, Automotive,
        Cooling system                                                  Communications, Medical, Wireless, Avionics
        But Daniel Lorenzini, left, has developed a                   •  World Wide Same Day Shipping
                                                                      •  Guaranteed On-Time Delivery
                   liquid cooling system—on a micro                   •  Small Business, Veteran Owned
                   scale—that allows for the micro-                   •  Competitive pricing
                   chips to be overclocked, but at
                   cooler temperatures than com-
                   mercial thermal control hardware.

        Lorenzini developed and refi ned the tech-
        nology in the lab of Yogendra Joshi at the
        Georgia Institute of Technology’s George
        W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engi-                   Located in Silicon Valley for the past 29 years, Spectrum Semiconductor Materials,
                                                                  Inc. is a World Wide Authorized Distributor of packages and lids for IC assembly.
        neering.                                                  Our proven track record, consistent customer service and long-standing supplier
                                                                   relationships makes us the premier distributor for your IC Packaging needs.
                                                                    Visit to see what we can do for you!
        With the help of VentureLab, the Georgia
        Tech program that works with Institute
        faculty and students to commercialize their
        research, Lorenzini is forming EMCOOL.

        In the fi rst quarter of 2019, Lorenzini                              155 Nicholson Ln. San Jose, CA 95134
                                                                                     (408) 435-5555
        raised $100,000 in an angel round from                              Email:
        investors in his native Mexico.
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