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JULY 2019      TAP TIMES          -11-           our larger community for generations to
                                                                come,” said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block.

             Broadcom co-founder, wife                          A full-time professor of electrical engineer-

             donate 100 million to UCLA                         ing at UCLA from 1985 to 1995, Henry
                                                                Samueli earned three degrees from UCLA:
                                                                a bachelor’s in 1975, a master’s in 1976
                                                                and his doctorate in 1980.
        LOS ANGELES— The UCLA Samueli
        School of Engineering has received its
        largest gift ever: $100 million from                    Earlier $30 million gift
        longtime supporters Broadcom co-                        He co-founded Broadcom Corporation in
        founder Henry Samueli and his wife                      1991 and serves as chairman of the board
        Susan.                                                  of the company, based in San Jose.  In
                                                                2000, the engineering school was named
        The gift, made through the Samueli                      in Henry Samueli’s honor following a $30
        Foundation, will be used to spur the engi-              million gift.
        neering school’s planned expansion, which
        is to continue well into the next
                       decade and is its most
                       significant growth since        Solving Your BGA Device
                       the school was founded
                       in 1945.                        Test & Validation Challenges

                       Henry Samueli
                                                        • 0.50 to 1.27mm Pitch
                                                        • 0.50 to 1.27mm Pitch
        Will add enrollment
                                                        • Thousands of Footprints
        UCLA Samueli plans to enroll at                 • Thousands of Footprints
        least 7,000 undergraduate and                   • Build-A-Part Online
                                                        • Build-A-Part Online
        graduate students by 2028, up from
        5,300 at the start of the expansion             •  Exclusive Solder
        in 2016.                                          Ball Terminals

                                                        • Customized Designs
                                                        • Customized Designs
        The school will also seek to add ap-            • Customized Designs                           BGA Socket
                                                                                                       BGA Socket
                                                                                                       Adapter System
        proximately 100 professors over the                                                            Adapter System
        same period of time for a roster of
        nearly 250.
                                                                            Flip-Top™ BGA Socket
                                                                            (Spring pin design)

        New faculty
        New faculty will be in emerging
        research areas, such as engineering
        in medicine, quantum technologies,
        and sustainable and resilient urban

        “Henry and Susan’s extraordinary
        commitment to public higher educa-
        tion will benefit UCLA and
                                                       800.424.9850 • 401.823.5200
                                               •      Made in USA
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