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JULY 2019         TAP TIMES          -10-

                    M&A activity (from 9)

        management ICs, Universal Serial Buses
        and NAND, NOR, SRAM memory.

                                                                Infineon’s Villach, Austria site is currently the home
                                                                of its major R&D center.  By early 2021, it will also
                                                                house a 300mm wafer fab.

                                                                net income of €1,075 million ($1,207 mil-
                                                                lion) on an EPS of €0.95 ($1.06).

                                                                New rounds of acquisitions?
                                                                Will the Infineon deal spark new rounds of
        Infineon will not be getting this 200mm wafer fab       chip company sales?  Unlikely, but if it does,
        in Bloomington, Minn., as part of its Cypress pack-
        age.  Cypress sold it to SkyWater Technology in         buyers will now look toward either second
        2017 to consolidate its fabrication at an Austin,       tier  chip  makers,  such  as  Cypress,  or  the
        Texas site.                                             multi-megas,  whose  prices  will  be  astro-

        No stranger to acquisitions                             nomical.
        Infineon is one of Germany’s mightiest
        electronics manufacturers through its par-
        entage from Siemens AG and no stranger
        to acquisitions.

        Infineon was itself spun off from then-
        money-losing Siemens Semiconductor in
        October of 1991 with the divestituture of
        Texas Instruments’ Industrial Systems Div.
        In 1991, it become Infineon.

        In January 2015, Infineon acquired Inter-
        national Rectifier of El Segundo, Calif., in a
        deal worth about 3 billion.  Based on quar-
        terly revenue, Infineon is the tenth largest
        semiconductor company.

        For Q219, Infineon reported a revenue of
        about €1,983.00 million ($2,227 million),
        on net income of €231 million ($259 mil-
        lion) and €0.20 ($0.22 EPS).

        For FY2018, Infineon reported revenue of
        €7,599 million ($8,536 million), with a
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