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JULY 2020        TAP TIMES       -8-

                  SEMICON West (from 7)

        At one point in SEMICON West’s 20-year
        history in San Mateo, the SEMI board re-
        portedly met with the San Mateo County
        Board of Supervisors on ways to enlarge
        the show property.

        Whatever plans were discussed were never
        made public, and by 1991, the show had
        outgrown the Fairgrounds.                               The “B-Listers,”  generally  the smaller, newer  companies
                                                                were relegated to this hall across the street from McEn-
        Moscone Center                                          ery’s big hall. (TAP TIMES Archive)
        In 1992, Moscone Center, south of Market                Ask  a  SEMICON  West  veteran  about  the
        Street in San Francisco (and before gentri-             San  Jose  site.  They  will  remember  it not
        fication considered Skid Row), was chosen               with a smile, like the Fairgrounds, and not
        as the new SEMICON West site.  The show                 with clenched teeth, like Moscone.  “It was
        was split, by technology, between North,                convenient” is likely to be a common reply.
        South and West Halls.
                                                                The happiest people
        In 1997, the backend portion of the show                It’s likely that the people happiest with the
        was moved to McEnery Center in San Jose,                reunification of the San Jose part with the
        where it remained until 2005.
                                                                San  Francisco  portion  are  the  SEMI  show
        Although McEnery lacked the curb appeal
        of the San Mateo Fairgrounds, it had one                They must have considered the split show
        very desirable attribute: location.  It was             (which typically ran two days in San Jose,
        near most Silicon Valley companies and of-              another  two  days  in  San  Francisco  and
        fered an easy commute.                                  one day with both venues open) a logistics

                                                                      nightmare to operate.

                                                                      Slightly tarnished
                                                                      While San Francisco is one of the
                                                                      world’s favorite tourist attractions, it
                                                                      has become slightly tarnished over
                                                                      the past few years.

                                                                      In addition to being “everybody’s
                                                                      favorite city” it is one of the most
                                                                      expensive cities in the world.  A good
                                                                      hotel will you $400/night.  A great
                                                                      hotel will cost you $600+/night.  Let’s
                                                                      face it, everything in San Francisco is
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        This is a floor view of SEMICON West 2004, San Jose. It lacked the
        personality of the Fairgrounds, but it had location. (TAP TIMES)
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