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JULY 2020        TAP TIMES          -6-         should be considered SEMI’s second
                                                                founder and Dannelly its third.

                  SEMICON West (from 4)                         Kicking in $5,000
                                                                Kulicke at the time was president of the
        president of the new trade organization,                largest semiconductor equipment com-
        SEMI.                                                   pany.  He also contributed $5,000, as did
                                                                Hugle, to found SEMI.
        Doomed to failure
        According to Hugle’s own writings, “Ben                 The trio, however, did not agree on the
        Beall, then president of Lindberg Heavi                 platform for SEMICON.  Dannelly said he
        Duty, denounced the organization and                    felt the show should be limited to exhibits,
        its principal backers, saying anything at-              period, with no technical program.
        tempted by the likes of Hugle, Kulicke and
        Dannelly” (then a Thermco vice president),              Kulicke added that no SEMICON exhibitor
        “is doomed to failure.”                                 should be allowed to exhibit at any other
                                                                trade show. While this suggestion was ad-
        Ironically in restrospect, “This denuncia-              opted, it has never been enforced.
        tion was seconded by Applied Materials,”
        (which over the years became one of                     Meeting on Aug. 13, 1970, the new SEMI
        SEMI’s strongest supporters).                           board decided to hold the fi rst SEMICON
                                                                January 26-28, 1971 at the San Mateo
        Hugle’s recollections add that Kulicke                                                         next page

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