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                                                                                   July 2020

                                                                           Volume 11, Number 6
             Test, Assembly & Packaging TIMES

                       COVID-19 means it’s time to “tradeshow-at-home

        U              ntil a few lightyears

                       ago — or maybe it was
                       this March— the world
                       was merrily spinning
                       away on its axes as it
                       has done for millenia.

        But no more.  The coming of a deadly,
        contagious virus, COVID-19, appar-
        ently originating from the wet mar-
        kets of Wuhan, China has changed
        everything completely.                                       Wuhan, China, the presumed origin of the virus

                         Ron Iscoff, Editor                     that 99.9% of any coronavirus has been
                                   destroyed. There is almost no aspect of
                                                                our past business or personal life that has
        Work at home                                            not been changed by the virus.
        Today we work at home.  (Something I’ve
        been doing going on 30 years).  The famil-              A changing industry
        iar office conflicts and water cooler gossip            Besides our personal challenges, the semi-
        must now be left to such digital formats as             conductor industry has been changed, too,
        e-mail, Google Hangouts or Zoom.                        likely forever.

        We now avoid people like the plague, since
        COVID-19 is—in many ways—as ugly and                    As the industry evolves, attempting to
        as lethal as the plague of the 13th and                 keep up with the new constraints imposed
        14th centuries or the Spanish flu of 1918.              by COVID-19, the familiar infrastructure of
                                                                users, suppliers and supply chains is be-

        People avoidance is the goal.  Distant hu-              coming decidely different and more com-
        man contact, except over our monitors,                  plex.
        has become the new normal. You don’t
        shake hands anymore. Please cover your                  Unpreparing for SEMICON West
        face!                                                   SEMICON West, the semiconductor equip-
                                                                ment industry’s largest trade show will cel-

        Wash your hands again, thoroughly                       ebrate its 50th anniversary next year.  Its
        We wash our hands many times a day,                     sponsor, originally Semiconductor Equip-
        scrubbing for 20 seconds back-and-forth,                ment Materials Institute, now simply
        up and down, hither-and-yon to ensure                                                          next page
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