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JULY 2020      TAP TIMES          -10-

                  SEMICON West (from 9)

        And like people, they are created, grow to
        maturity, experience life’s challenges and
        rewards, and often become crotchety with
        an assortment of aches and pains. Sadly,
        you know the rest.

        A maturing, changing industry
        While many of us dream of a SEMICON
        West back at the San Mateo Fairgrounds,                 When SEMICON West at the San Mateo Fairgrounds ran
        just yards away from where the trotters                 out of space, the immediate answer was to place several
                                                                white,  fabric  tents  near  the  exhibit  halls.    Initially,  the
        raced in the summer, that will not happen.              tents were like being in a spa, before effective air condi-
                                                                tioning was added.  (TAP TIMES, circa 1976)
        We must then presume that SEMI is doing
        its best for members and the industry at                Companies  are  forever  searching  for  the
        a time that presents new difficulties.  This            most effective way to market their wares in
        ever-expanding trade group should not                   increasingly competitive markets.
        forget that it survives at the pleasure of its
        members, not the other way around.                      As a result, some of SEMI’s largest, most
                                                                                 loyal exhibitors have decided
                                                                                 they will get more bang for
                                                                                 their bucks by not exhibit-
                                                                                 ing, rather by holding a
                                                                                 private event at a nearby
                                                                                 hotel.  In addition, many
                                                                                 that stayed have reduced
                                                                                 the size of their exhibits.

                                                                                 Product introductions
                                                                                 SEMICON West in the “old
                                                                                 days” was considered a pre-
                                                                                 mier time to introduce a new
                                                                                 product or a major revision
                                                                                 of a product.  But, no more.
        South Hall at Moscone Center, named after Mayor George Moscone who was
        assasinated, sprouted up south of Market Street, in the area that was once   The press room at SEMICON
        considered San Francisco’s Skid Row. (TAP TIMES Archive)
                                                                West a few years ago would boast product
                                                                press kits from several hundred compa-
        The “Sweet Spot”                                        nies.
        As I wrote in the August 2019 issue, this
        year’s (2019) show “has gotten smaller,                 When the backend only was in San Jose,
        much smaller.”  Each year since it moved                in fact, the press kits covered tables
        the entire show to Moscone Center SEMI                  throughout the room.  Last year, by my
        has been searching for the “sweet spot.” If             count, there were only 48 press kits and/
        there is one, San Francisco is not it.                  or product releases.

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        Part of the problem is evolutionary.
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