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JANUARY 2019      TAP TIMES          -9-

                                                                “We are looking for revolution-
                    New circuits (from 8)                       ary and not evolutionary ap-
                                                                proaches for computing in the
                                                                beyond-CMOS era,” Dr. Young
        dipole electric fi eld throughout the mate-             (at right) said.
        rial, which alters or fl ips the electron spins
        that generate the magnetic fi eld. This ca-
        pability comes from spin-orbit coupling, a              Low-voltage interconnects
        quantum effect in materials, which produc-              “MESO is built around low-voltage inter-
        es a current determined by the electron-                connects and low-voltage magneto-elec-
        spin direction.                                         trics, and brings innovation in quantum
                                                                materials to computing.”

        Voltage controlled switching                            Other co-authors of the Nature paper are
        In another paper that appeared earlier in               Chia-Ching Lin, Tanay Gosavi and Huichu
        Science Advances, UC Berkeley and Intel                 Liu of Intel and Bhagwati Prasad, Yen-Lin
        experimentally demonstrated voltage-con-                Huang and Everton Bonturim of UC Berke-
        trolled magnetic switching using the mag-               ley. The work was supported by Intel.
        neto-electric material bismuth-iron-oxide                                                
        (BiFeO3), a key requirement for MESO.

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