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TAP TIMES                                               Volume 10, Number 1

           Test, Assembly & Packaging TIMES                                      January 2019

         Researchers say a new type of logic and memory circuit is near

                         esearchers from Intel                  100 times more energy-efficient than
                         Corp. and UC Berke-                    foreseeable improvements to current mi-
                         ley are looking be-                    croprocessors, which are based on CMOS
                         yond current transis-                  (complementary metal–oxide–semicon-
                                                                ductor) technology
                         tor technology and

                         preparing the way for
                         a new type of mem-                     MESO devices
      Rory and logic circuit                                    The magneto-electric spin-orbit or MESO
        that could someday be in every                          devices will also pack five times more
        computer on the planet.                                 logic operations into the same space than
                                                                CMOS, continuing the trend toward more
                                                                              computations per unit area, a
                                                                              central tenet of Moore’s Law.

                                                                              The new devices will boost
                                                                              technologies that require in-
                                                                              tense computing power with
                                                                              low energy use, specifically
                                                                              highly automated, self-driving
                                                                              cars and drones, both of which
                                                                              require ever increasing num-
                                                                              bers of computer operations
                                                                              per second.

                                                                              Powerful options
                                                                              “As CMOS develops into its
         MESO devices, based on magnetoelectric and spin-orbit materials, could   maturity, we will basically have
         someday replace the ubiquitous semiconductor transistor, today represent-  very powerful technology op-
         ed  by  CMOS.  MESO  uses  up-and-down  magnetic  spins in a  multiferroic   tions that see us through.
         material to store binary information and conduct logic operations. (Intel)

                                                                In some ways, this could continue com-
        Topological materials                                   puting improvements for another whole
        The researchers propose a way to turn                   generation of people,” said lead author
        relatively new types of materials, multifer-                                                         Next page
        roics and topological materials, into logic
        and memory devices that will be 10 to                                      Advertisement
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