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January 2019

        Researchers say a new type of logic and                 10-Worldwide smartphone assembly fell in 2019
        memory circuit is near, 3                               11-Wireless charging will surpass 1B unit by 2024
                                                                12-Chinese brands drove global smartphone sales
                                                                13-Semiconductor equipment sales set record
        Engineers produce smallest 3D transistor,               14-WSTS pedicts more growth for semiconductors
        17                                                      15-Power devices experiencing strong growth
                                                                16-S. Korea indicts nine for treade theft
        SEMI revises fab equipment spending                     23-SEMI revises fab tool spending downwards
        downwards, 23                                           25-Toshiba: No current plans to sell memory stake
                                                                20-IHS predicts slowdown in FPDs
                                                                21-DRAM growth tops 2018, but outlook dim
        Experiment demonstrates materials for                   29-Huawei claims top spot in IoT
        next-gen transistors, 26                                30-Qualcomm Sr. VP to speak at TestConX
                                                                32-Apple downgrades Q119 revenue forecast
                                                                33-NAND flash prices likely to decline
        Advertisers, Events, 29
                                                                EndPoints: Customer service may be
        Business Cards, 31                                      the final frontier to more sales, Editor
                                                                Ron Iscoff, 37
        Two U of Penn researchers share break-
        through physics prize, 34                               Cover: Where in the world? With 2019 economic
                                                                conditions uncertain, manufacturers will have to
                                                                make wise market choices.

                      So you need high parallelism

                               testing of small DFN parts

                           ... really small parts?

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