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JANUARY 2019      TAP TIMES          -10-

           Worldwide smartphone ODM,
            EMS shipments fell in Q318

        FRAMINGHAM, Mass.—Worldwide
        smartphone original design makers/
        electronics manufacturing services
        assembly shipment volumes dropped
        4.4 percent year over year during the
        third quarter of 2018 (3Q18), due to
        weakening channel demand.

        355.8 million units
        According to the latest results from the
        International Data Corporation (IDC) to-
        tal shipments in the quarter were 355.8
        million units.

        This brings the total volume of shipments
        to just over 1 billion through the first
        three quarters of 2018, which is about on
        par with 2017.

        Currently the top 6 OEM brands account
        for more than 70 percent of the global
        market smartphone market production.

        The partner ODMs and in-house manu-
        facturing arms of those six major brands
        account for nine of the top ten worldwide
        smartphone assemblers.

        Chinese brands slowing
        “The shipment push between March and
        the middle of June, which was largely
        driven by a rapid production shift toward
        low-priced models from first-tier Chinese
        brands as well as India’s customs policy
        adjustment, has begun to slow.

        “This caused global smartphone produc-
        tion to drop in 3Q18,” said Sean Kao,
        senior research manager, IDC worldwide
        hardware assembly research. Next page
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