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JANUARY 2020        TAP TIMES          -8-          and package has to be designed “with a
                                                                focus on the substrate.”

                 Chip packaging (from 7)
                                                                Changing the architecture

        High-gain 5G antennas will also need                    The controversial mmWave will present
        filters for all the different bands.                    the semiconductor industry with the great-
                                                                est challenges. This technology represents
        Thermal issues                                          a significant change in cell phone architec-
        With the chips for the 5G platform will                 ture.
        come many thermal issues, as well as
        electro-magnetic compatability challeng-                “First of all,” Vardaman reported, “
        es, ncluding new EMI shielding require-                 mmWave antennas require a higher port
        ments, Vardaman noted.                                  count at millimeter frequencies.  The
                                                                signal-beam forming needs different test
        In addition, new dielectric materials may               methods, as well.  “More people will be
        be required for the package substrate.                  talking about over-the-air continuity test-
        Another challenge, she said, will be test               ing. That will become a must.”
        considerations for mmWave.
                                                                Reporting on data center services, Varda-
        Sub-6GHz modules, however, will typi-                   man said data service demand dropped in
        cally run on existing test equipment.                   2019, but are projected to regain growth
        Generally, the antenna has been on the                  this year.
        PC board, but for mmWave, it has to be
        “really close” to the RFIC.                             As demand for servers declined last year,
                                                                so, too, did demand for the high-perfor-
        More shielding                                          mance chips they use for data crunching.
        Since both mmWave and sub-6GHz tech-
        nologies need shielding, “You’re going to
        see a lot more of it,” she added.                       Server CPUs
                                                                New servers are adopting changes that
        Some OSATs, ASE for example, have                       include chiplets.  While Intel formerly held
        designed packages that place the RF                     some 97 percent of the server markets for
        transceiver very close to the antenna—an                CPUs, AMD has taken a bite from Intel’s
        antenna-in-package design.                              market with its chiplet CPU.  Other compa-
                                                                nies, including Amazon, are designing their
        The 5G infrastructure is moving into                    own server CPUs.
        place, she said.  Although 5G will still
        require cell towers, there will be 4X to 5X             Servers will also need more AI accelera-
        as many micro-base stations as macro-                   tors to help with data crunching tasks.  AI,
        base stations.                                          in turn, is also driving silicon interposers
                                                                and the need for more fan-out-on-sub-
        An area of concern for 5G, she said, is                 strate components.  This segment is also
        the substrate and the PC board.  Sub-                   driving the need for increased DRAM stor-
        6GHz can use the same packaging-                        age.
        methods as 4G, the existing SIP designs,
        existing supply chain and the same bills                (To  view  the  slide’s  from  Vardaman’s  presentation,  visit
        of materials.                                           manLuncheonPresentation.pdf)

        With mmWave, however, the antenna                          Subscribe to TAP TIMES here!
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