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JANUARY 2020        TAP TIMES          -6-

                  Chip packaging (from 4)

        While automotive sales fell last year, there
        has been increased electronics content in
        cars, she said.

                                                                                          TechSearch International
        Smartphones returning to growth
        As noted earlier, smartphone shipments
        are forecast by several consultants to                  of the sub-6GHz variety. Whether sub-
        return to growth this year. Much of this                6GHz or millimeterWave, these phones will
        growth will be China sales.                             require more ICs, both semiconductors
                                                                and passive components.
        Of smartphones likely to be shipped this
        year, IDC forecasts 190 million units, or               “This is very good news for the OSATs who
        14% of the total market, will be for the 5G             had an especially tough year in 2019,” de-
        platform.                                               clared Vardaman.

        Some industry watchers, said Vardaman,                  She said that even if Q419 results were
        project that as many as 200-300 million                 steller, last year would end 6-8% down.
        5G smarphones will ship this year, many                                                        Next page

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