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JANUARY 2020       TAP TIMES          -4-          In semiconductor packaging technology,
                                                                Vardaman noted, “we’re still seeing a shift
                                                                in interconnections from wire bonding to
                  Chip packaging (from 3)                       fl ip chip with DRAMs, especially in the
                                                                         server market.”

                                                                         Conversion to fl ip chip
                                                                         DRAM used in handsets is typically
                                                                         wire-bonded, “but we’re seeing
                                                                         conversion to fl ip chip in a lot of
                                                                         other applications,” she said.

                                                                         The recent darling of the semicon-
                                                                         ductor industry, the Internet of
                                                                         Things will see continued growth,
                                                                         she forecast, especially in the in-
                                                                         dustrial sector.

        She urged program visitors to, “Talk to                 The emphasis this year will be on data col-
        your IT departments.”  This cyber warfare               lection, which will require many sensors
        is going to impact small and large compa-               in either a cloud server or a local server.
        nies on a global basis, she added.                      Servers have to collect and analyze the

        CPU shortages                                           This high-performance computing is driv-
        PC sales are still slow. The CPU shortage               ing high-performance packaging.  Servers
        “really impacted things in 2019.”  AMD, In-             are also driving the growth of silicon in-
        tel’s main CPU competitor, was able to take             terposers and fan-out, high-density pack-
        advantage of the leader’s shortage woes.                ages.

        Vardaman said “I’ve heard reports that                  Running out of HBM memory
        AMD’s CPU share is about to reach 30%.                  “We may run out of high-bandwidth mem-
        Sales, however are slow in general.”                    ory capacity, despite Micron Technology

                                                                coming on line with HBM. See page 6

        Smartphone sales increase
        Smartphone shipments will see a slight
        increase in 2020, driven by 5G.  She asked
        her audience, “How many of you bought a
        new smart phone this year?”  There were
        few positive responses.

        People typically are not buying a new
        phone because they need a new phone,
        she said.  “They want the new camera.”

        The server market was down a little in
        2019 and 2018, “but we’re expecting to                     Program attendees included (left) industry veteran
        see a small increase in 2020.”                            Joel Camarda, Snehal Shah and Dien Vinh Vu (front).
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