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TAP TIMES                                                      Volume 11, Number 1

                                                                                      January 2020
           Test, Assembly & Packaging TIMES

          The 5G platform will be 2020’s major chip packaging driver

                           , the next generation of
                           wireless technology for
                           digital networks which
       5Gbegan wide deployment
        last year, is likely to be a boon not
        only to busy phone users, but to the
        semiconductor packaging business, as

                       Ron Iscoff, Editor

        Packaging driver
        Speaking at a December MEPTEC program                     Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International (TAP TIMES)
        in Milpitas, Calif., E. Jan Vardaman, presi-
        dent of TechSearch International, said the              Last year, the global semiconductor indus-
        5G platform will be a key driver in the chip            try took a 12.8 percent plunge over the
        packaging business this year.                           prior year, according to IHS Markit.  This
                                                                year, the consultant forcasts the industry
        Other important industry drivers will be                will rebound to show 5.9 percent growth.
        artificial intelligence and the automotive              The result could be $448 billion when the
        sector.                                                 year ends.

        Vardaman and several other industry con-
        sultants view the widespread application of             Trade friction
        5G as the major growth technology for the               Vardaman pointed out 2019 would have
        year.                                                   been better had it not been for the trade
                                                                friction that affected the U.S. economy.
        The main factor
        Well-known consultant IHS Markit, in fact,              “Normally,” she said, “2019 would have
        believes “The deployment of 5G will be the              been a much better year but for the trade
        main factor” propelling the semiconductor               friction” that impacted the electronics in-
        industry’s recovery from a “brutal 2019.”               dustry.

        TechSearch’s Vardaman is also enthusiastic              Trade friction will continue this year, and
        about 5G’s potential value to the semicon-              she said, “There’s a lot of cyber warfare
        ductor packaging industry this year.                    going on.”
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