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January 2020                               17-Blackout briefl y halts Samsung’s chip production
                                                                18-Alliance formed to advance quantum computing
                                                                22-Steady growth in tech jobs seen through 2023
                         Contents                               23-Companies paying less to entice new workers
                                                                25-Worker confi dence in U.K. business at 2-year low
                                                                26-Wearables may reach 500M units by 2023
        The 5G platform will be 2020’s major packag-            27-Global recession probability falls to one-in-fi ve
        ing driver, Ron Iscoff , 3                                               Cover: Sebastien Decoret

        Magnetic waves increase computer effi  cien-                             Contents © 2020 TAP TIMES
        cy, 13
                                                                    Reach the industry’s
        Business Cards, 15
                                                                               key buyers

        Advertisers, Events, 17                                          with your ad in
                                                                               TAP TIMES!
        Spintronics may boost potential for quantum
        computing, 19
        Scientists study structural eff ects of                  for an editorial calendar/rate card
        perovskites, 24

        9-Chip making tools may be $103.5M market by 2025
        12-Record global chip capacity expected this year                           Advertisement
        16-Gaming PCs, monitors set record in Q319
        17-Global semiconductor sales                                Air-CavityQFN?

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                                        • High reliability up to 500k insertion cycles
                                        • High frequency up to 27 GHz in pogo pin (up to 40GHz validated, with
                                          Elastomeric contact technology)
                                        • Thru-hole technology, SMT, Solderless Type
                                          Also pluggable into adapter MiniGridSocket series (see E-tec catalog TS01)
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                  Flat Pack     PGA          LGA      Ceramic spatial   LCC          BGA      QFN / Power QFN  Custom
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              E-tec Interconnect AG, Mr. Bud Kundich, Los Altos CA 94024, USA, Phone : +1 408.746.2800, E-mail :
                              EP Patents 0897655, 1385011, 0829188, US Patents 6249440, 6190181, 6390826 and Patents in other countries

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