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FEBRUARY 2019      TAP TIMES          -10-

                Intel’s  year-over-year
            revenue rose 13% to $70.8B

        SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Intel’s full year
        2018 GAAP revenue rose 13 percent
        year-over-year to $70.8 billion com-
        pared to 62.8 billion in 2017.

        Net income for 2018 was $21.1 billion vs.
        $9.6 billion for the prior year.  The com-
        pany said the percentage increase or de-
        crease on a GAAP basis was “not meaning-
        ful” due to tax impacts in Q418.

        On a non-GAAP basis, the increase be-
        tween the two years was 13 percent for

        Q418 GAAP revenue was $18.7 billion vs.
        $17.1 billion for Q417, an increase of 9

        Earnings per share were $4.58 for 2018
        compared to $3.46 non-GAAP. or a 2018
        GAAP EPS of $4.48 compared to $1.99
        GAAP EPS.  The company said the differ-
        ence could not be compared because of
        Q418 tax impacts.

        Record cash
        Intel said it generated a record $29.4 bil-
        lion in cash for the full year 2018, paid
        dividends of of $5.5 billion and used $10.7
        billion to repurchase 217 million shares of

        With the release of its latest earnings,
        Intel said the board authorized a 5 percent
        increase in its cash dividend to $1.26 per
        chare on an annual basis.

        Intel is forecasting record 2019 revenue
        of about $71.5 billion and $16 billion for
        Q119.  Intel interim CEO and CFO Bob
        Swan said last year “was truly remarkable”
        in every business segment.
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