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FEBRUARY 2020        TAP TIMES          -7-

                     Consumer (from 6)

        Spending on software and services alone
        (including music, video and video gam-
        ing), is projected to reach $81.2 billion, 11
        percent growth over last year.

        No guarantees
        A report unveiled at CES, The Future of
        Devices, by GSMA Intelligence research,
        cautions that the arrival of 5G will not
        guarantee a surge in device upgrades,
        although the smartphone will remain the
        dominant consumer device into the new

        It believes 5G’s impact on smartphone up-
        grades represents a “mixed picture,” (See
        chart top right). GSMA feels “It’s a mistake
        to believe that consumers in every mar-
        ket will look at 5G upgrades in the same
        way,” said Peter Jarich chief of GSMA Intel-

        As several other pundits have noted, China
        and S. Korea will be early 5G adopters.
        Nearly half of Chinese consumers surveyed
        say they will buy a 5G phone when avail-
                                                                A more traditional name in consumer electronics, Sony,
                                                                displayed its new technologies in audio and video.
                                                                                                                                 (CES Photo)
        Understand consumer demand
        Operators and device manufacturers will                 today, according to GSMA’s report.
        need to understand consumer demand on
        a granular level if they hope to make the               Travel and tourism
        most of the 5G opportunity.                             Travelers may wish to prepare for the
                                                                many more changes technology will bring
        The consultant also said the fragmentation              to transportation.
        and a lack of compatibility between mak-
        ers hamper the adoption of smart home                   At CES, Delta Airlines was the first car-
        devices.  Still, this segment is being boost-           rier to present a keynote address.  CEO
        ed by the growing populatiry of smart                   Ed Bastian described the future world of
        speakers such as Amazon’s Echo.                         travel technology, including AI, assisted
                                                                reality, biometric security and greater cus-
        Some 21 percent of households, up 10                    tomization of the travel experience.
        percent over 2018, own smart speakers                                                          Next page
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