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FEBRUARY 2020        TAP TIMES          -6-

                     Consumer (from 5)

        Global GDP growth, of course, is a true
        driver of the semiconductor market. (See
        story p. 21).

        Increasing U.S. consumer sales
        The CTA’s twice-annual U.S. Consumer
        Technology Sales and Forecast report                    Have you bought your 8K TV yet?  They’ve been around
        predicts the U.S. consumer technology                   for a while and are on sale for around $5,000 for a 65-inch
        industry may record $422 billion in retail              screen.  TCL, a popular Chinese brand, introduced 8K ma-
        revenues this year.  That would represent               chines using “mini-LED” technology. (CES photo)
        nearly 4% growth over last year, as well                ligence-enabled devices will help drive the
        as a record.                                            consumer technology industry this year, ac-
                                                                cording to the CTA.
        The report is generated by the CTA, the                                                        Next page
        group that runs the CES event.

        Spending on software and streaming ser-                    Subscribe to TAP TIMES here!
        vices, 5G connectivity and artifi cial intell-

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