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FEBRUARY 2020       TAP TIMES          -5-

                     Consumer (from 3)

        CES was no small affair, either.  The spon-
        soring organization, Consumer Technol-
        ogy Association, changed its name a few
        shows ago to simply CES, dropping the
        “Consumer Electronics” part of its moniker,
        apparently to be more inclusive.

        No comparison
        If the largest trade show you’ve seen has               Dr. Lisa Su, president of Advanced Micro Devices, returned
                                                                for the second year in a row with a keynote address.
        been SEMICON West, there is simply no                                                                                    (CES Photo)
        comparison to CES.

        SEMI, according to figures it released af-
        ter SEMICON West, counted total atten-
        dance over its July run at 11,853, with
        518 companies exhibiting on 113,800
        square feet.

        CES, meanwhile, counted 170,000 at-
        tendees with 4,400 exhibiting companies
        at two Las Vegas sites. The show said
        some 20,000 product debuts were made
        at the event over 2.9 million net square
        feet of exhibit space.                                  H.S. Kim, president of Samsung’s consumer operations,
                                                                orated on the S. Korean company’s new products.
                                                                                                         (CES Photo)

        Traditional high-tech                                   How important is the consumer electronics
        There were, of course, many traditional                 sector to the semiconductor business?  It’s
        high-tech makers including several semi-                very doggone important!
        conductor makers such as Advanced
        Micro Devices and Intel.
                                                                2.1 percent growth

        Intel, the industry’s CPU sector leader,                In its latest available forecast (Dec. 20,
        staffed CES with its Mobileye Israeli                   2019), the Bureau of Economic Analysis
        subsidiary contingent.  The company                     said the real gross domestic product in-
        proclaimed it is now equipped with a                    creased 2.1 percent in the third quarter of
        “business strategy unlike any other auto-               2019.  This was a slight increase (0.1%)
        motive supplier and growth ambitions to                 over the prior quarter’s GDP.
        become a complete mobility provider.”
                                                                The Bureau said this reflects increases in
        Mobileye President Arnon Shashua                        consumer spending, government spend-
        showed a 23-minute unedited, uninter-                   ing, housing investment and exports.
        rupted drive of an autonomous vehicle                   Business investment, however, declined as
        (AV) using camera-only sensors.                         did inventory investment
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